How to be the most charming person


Paridhi Laddha

Psychology Associate

Charming people can woo and wow people, without overdoing it. They stay cool and don’t make life all about them. They own themselves, they don't try too hard to be something they are not, they are okay with being vulnerable, or dining out on their foibles. The best thing about charming people is they don't artificially try to please people, which seems counterintuitive. There’s nothing more charming than owning up to your vulnerabilities and rising above them.

Here are some easy-to-master tips and tricks that are sure to knock the socks off anyone lucky enough to enter your sphere:

1. Don't jump on the bandwagon

A lot of times people jump on the bandwagon just to be liked by the people. It spoils your vibe. Having a different outlook and ideas lets people see you like a different and a strong personality. It fascinates people.

2. Be a little mysterious

Don't let people know everything about you. A little mystery keeps the charm on. Don't tell everyone about your life, your fears, your achievements. In this world, where everyone is overexposed the most charming thing you can do is maintain your mystery.

3. Be positive

Don't speak badly about others. If other people do, instead of adding something to it, give them a point of view of looking at a situation through a different perspective. Be the one to mention something you like about that person. Kind words are the most powerful tool in gaining charm because it is always viewed as very genuine.

4. Be empathetic

Being empathetic is being able to understand and feel another person. Help people, understand them, being there for people make them resonate better with you.

5. Do your own thing

Don't be available always. If your friends call you out for a cup of coffee but it's your me-time, say no. Always being available makes people think you are vapid. Being unavailable at times, make people want you more.

6. Take a stand

Taking a stand for whatever you feel is right, don't settle because of the mass views. Stand up for people when they are right and point out if someone is wrong. This quality makes you so different. It makes you stand out. Too many people in the world follow the herd and have no independent thinking. Be the one to have your own original thoughts.

7. Listen

Listen very keenly to people when they say something. As soon as you learn something about someone, ask why they do it. Or how. Or what they like about it, or what they've learned from it. Charming people ask sincere questions. They make you think, in a good way, about yourself, and in the process make you feel charming too. Don't make everything about you.

8.Mind your manners

As it turns out, your mother was right — saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can get you a first-class ticket into charm school. Be appreciative of those actions that others do for your benefit. Be kind and nice to people. Seriously, good manners and a warm smile can melt hearts.


Of course, we can't deny how wonderstruck we get when we see someone in a crisp iron shirt, well-fitted pants, well-groomed beard, and a warm smile entering the room. The way you dress communicates a message. Present yourself sharply, with careful attention to detail, others will perceive you as a conscientious and appealing person. While, if you're a sloppy, diffident dresser, this communicates to others that you have low self-esteem, and would rather fade into the background. Own the space by dressing sharply, and soon others will buy into your charms.

All these things will make you very individualistic, yet charming. There are a lot of other ways of how you can be charming, by pleasing others, but being charming by being your own self is the coolest of all, I guess.

’Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.’

– Leo Buscaglia

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