How to be motivated to study


Vishwa Jani

Poet and writer

Motivation is like a daily dosage of antibiotics. It won’t work if we take too much at a time in one go. But we need to take it regularly. As a student, motivation to study is very essential for us. It can have a positive effect on our amount of studying and also grades. The right motivation can help us focus more.

Here are some tips, to stick on this daily dosage:

1) Power of setting a goal

One of the powerful techniques to remain motivated to study is, setting up a goal. These aims can be long term goals about achieving something in university or a short-term goal regarding an upcoming exam. Aims and objectives, work as best motivators. They help us do whatever it takes to accomplish them. We will also realize and reach our true potential. Moreover, a very positive side of setting up goals is, it increases our perseverance.

We can commit to our goals by writing them down and keeping them in our study area. Split complex or long-term goals in sub-goals. And visualize that we have accomplished them and the feeling that gives us.

2) Reward for accomplishment

Getting a reward for achieving the goal fuels our motivation. We should always practice gratitude towards ourselves. Determine the appropriate reward for the task. If it is a simple and short-term task, reward accordingly. If it is a difficult and long term task or goal then, definitely we can set a bigger rewards for ourselves, like a small vacation. Say, for instance, our goal is to score higher in mid-semesters. Then the willingness to accomplish it will increase for the reward that is desired. So, we can plan a short trip with friends after the mid-sems.

3) Just do it

There are days when we are on ‘no-study’ mode. These are the days when we lack motivation. On these days, the study material looks boring and there are more interesting and important things to do. For instance, watching a pending TV episode, hanging out with friends, playing video games and many more distractions.

The simplest trick to overcome these distractions is, to start studying, even if it feels boring. To boost up our mind to study. We will have to force ourselves, but trust me, it’s worth it. It is just a matter of the first few minutes and then the time will fly by. Once we get habituated to studying, it will get natural. With time, we will be capable enough to extend the duration of our study sessions.

4) Don’t prolong

One of the main reasons, we stress during exams is, prolonging. This is also the reason why we are not enthusiastic about studying. As a result, we fail to grasp efficiently. So, we should make it a habit to keep up with our studies. If it takes 10 minutes to revise what was taught in class today, that’s fine! It’s better than the stress we take during the exams. This will also help in understanding the next topic more efficiently. Thereby we can avoid the gaps in knowledge.

Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder. – Mason Cooley

5) Don’t compare with others

Comparison is the root of all hindrance caused to reach our goals. Everyone has different goals, abilities, and perspectives. Rather than concentrating on other people’s growth and what they are doing, we should concentrate on what we currently lack and how we can grow. Remember, if someone is scoring more than us, it doesn’t diminish our hard work in any way.

And last but not least, whenever we feel demotivated, we always have the option of listening to motivational talks, our favourite songs, read a good book, etc.

Motivation is what sets you in motion, habit is what keeps you going.

So, it will always be a matter of motion. Motion will eventually lead to habit.

Good luck!

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I should have read this article in college, maybe would have got better grades. 🤓😂 Thanks Vishwa!!
Drumil Chauhan
Great article. We've got midsems coming up anyways 💯