How to avoid falling for irrelevant career advice


Swati Dubey

Writer & Graphic Designer

Why the confusion?

Career is a very important component of life in today’s world. The stakes are high and we are rightly concerned about the impact of the decisions made while choosing or growing in our career.

When we are clueless about what we want, everyone misleads us. They might not intend to do so, but because we don't know which path to walk on and what advice to follow, every new piece of advice becomes a source of confusion and frustration.

This scenario is likely to happen when you are a student, and trying to pursue a career in your chosen field or trying to know which course or university to go to, whether national or international? Doubts and confusions are common and every student has to go through this.

Even if you are sure about colleges and courses, you will find an abundance of people trying to manipulate you and throw you into a dark world of doubt and confusion, intentionally or unintentionally.

Things to remember to avoid unnecessary confusion

1. Trust your decision

If you have decided on a career for yourself, stick to it and believe in the decision taken. Whether you are taking a popular stream or a niche one, believe it and say to yourself that, ‘Yes, I can do it’.

Be it an architect, blogger, YouTuber, real-estate marketer, writer, psychologist, anything. You can succeed at whatever you choose if you work hard and with full devotion. If you have faith in your skills and work, then you will achieve it despite what your relatives, society or anyone says. Don’t listen to random people who will tell you how much ‘scope’ there is in a field.

Putting a simple belief in anything will do wonders, so don't neglect the power of having firm faith in your decision.

If you believe in what you are doing, then you should not listen to anyone else. Period.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell

2. Analyse all aspects of the choice

If you are exploring a field or university, then learn and explore both the good and bad aspects of it. One should never take a major decision without understanding both the negative and positive aspects.

The media, coaching institutes etc. will only highlight the positive aspects of a career choice. But you cannot rely just on that information. So, speak to people who are working in the same field. Get in touch with them via LinkedIn or other professional platforms. You will get insights which are not available on the news or in brochures.

Once you learn about the negatives of the field, you will also be more prepared for the challenges coming your way.

3. Rely on your own experience and intelligence

This is your life. If people who come to you say that it did not work for them and therefore it will not work for you also, then get away from them at the earliest.

For instance, if you want to become a YouTuber and you have all the creative ideas and are willing to work hard to make it work for you, go ahead with it. Even if it hasn't worked for your friend, cousin or some random stranger.

Always look at your own experience rather than someone else's. You can certainly take opinions from different people. But don’t allow anyone to discourage you from pursuing your dreams!

There will be challenges along the way, but you will not fear them because it is your personal decision.


In the end, you are free to choose any career. But always go with the field you are passionate about. Then you don't have to worry about others' opinions too much, and only have to build the life that you want.

There will be problems and negatives in ANY career that you choose. So why not choose the career that you actually love instead of what society tells you to?

All the best!

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Discussion Board

Have you ever got irrelevant career advice from people?

Rohit Chopra
OMG yes. During my final school I got lots of junk advice from people, which confused me to no end. The best part is even today I keep getting advice from people who never have pursued their own passion, and are surprised or irritated when they see someone else doing so. 😂😇🙏
Lalit Rokde
I got carried away by people around me to pursue something that I had no heart in it. Now I realize how much it can cost someone. Now I follow what my heart was saying all these years