How to avoid anxiety during lockdown


Aashkaa Nair

Mental Health Writer

On 24th of March 2020, the Government of India announced a nationwide 21-day lockdown. This lockdown was in response to the increasing cases of Coronavirus (COIVD-19) in the country. The purpose of this lockdown is to control the spread of the virus and prevent the large-scale loss of lives.

Most of us have not been through a rigid lockdown before. This has created a situation of panic, uncertainty and anxiety, specially for those who live away from their families.

All our office going routines, weekend parties and family gatherings have come to a halt. It has created feelings of frustration or irritability.

Here are some few tips which we all can follow to get away with anxiety:

1. Stick to a routine: This is the most important tip of all. Let’s try to maintain a routine which we were previously used to. Maintaining a routine lessens feelings of uncertainty. This would help in time management also. When we know what task(s) to do next, it keeps us busy and our mind occupied which in turn leads to less anxiety. We can try to keep ourselves busy with work, exercise and household chores.

2. Maintain social ties: When was the last time we talked to our parents, best friend or cousin peacefully? One of the biggest ways to reduce anxiety is by talking to people about it. Once we start talking to our loved ones, we will automatically start feeling safe and secure. The best time to feel nostalgic is now, so let’s take a trip through memory lane.

3. Stop obsessing over the news: This time is crucial for all of us and it is important for all of us to stay updated about what is happening in the world. But let’s try not to obsess over it. Instead look at the flip side. The time we always wished for ourselves is in our hands. Let’s try to be as productive as possible and do the things we always said we would, if we had more time.

4. Start a ritual for mental health: We all know how exercise, meditation and yoga have physical as well as mental health benefits. But do we follow it? This a great time to make it a ritual for our well being. We can take out at least one hour in the day and do any form of exercise. It can be walking, running, yoga, etc.

Exercise releases endorphins which are the ‘feel good’ hormones of our body. They play a major role in reducing anxiety.

5. Pamper ourselves: A beautiful vacation, spa, eating good food, taking care of our skin, hair and body, etc; we all have always dreamt of this some time in our lives. We've always waited for the perfect vacation for pampering ourselves. The time is here! We may not be able to go out, but we can do many of the things at home itself (without spending too much money!) Let’s get those face masks on, eat clean, sleep well, exercise and get that amazing glow!

In times of crisis, we all must remember that this lockdown is for our own safety and the safety of our country. Let’s not step out of the house till the restrictions are lifted. By doing this, we're not only saving ourselves but others too.

Also, let’s remember to keep washing our hands regularly and avoid touching the face. We are in this together and we can get through this!

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What are you doing to keep away anxiety and boredom?

Great article!! Here's what I've been up to: 1. Exercise 2. Pranayam and meditation 3. Online PM course What about the others? 😇✌️
Shrenya Soni
Love this article! Thank You For This! I'm writing a lot of poetry to keep me away from anxiety 🌻
Pari Laddha
Amazing article😍 I am reading as much as I can, Watching Ramayan and Mahabharata to enlighten myself with great learning and painting😊
Aashkaa Nair
I'm reading a lot of books and exercising daily to keep myself busy!
Hemant Patil
Really thank you team for this awesome post I am doing daily meditation and exercise to keep mi healty and mentally strong I aslo recommend everyone to share such type of thing's to there's friends