How journaling can be an incredible companion to our meditation practice


Umang Chhatrola

Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) Teacher

What is the essence of the meditation practice ? We gently favour our breath with our attention over other things like thoughts and emotions. But, our breath has no meaning! So, we favour an object that has no meaning with our attention over our rational thinking mind. This way we are ‘systematically letting go’ of our thoughts without allowing our awareness to fade away. Our mind calms down and we maintain our level of awareness or consciousness. It happens with the ‘systematic letting go’ of thoughts that is embedded in our practice.

Are there any other tools with which we can do this? Yes, there is one effective practice that also does this and can be a wonderful complement to our meditation. It is the practice of journaling.

The nature of our mind (ego) is that it needs our continuous attention. It feeds on our attention. We are habituated to give them our attention and energy because we are identified with them. We cannot ‘let go’ of our thoughts.

Journaling can be a great mental and spiritual tool and is a wonderful practice to complement our meditation. Expressing thoughts and reflecting on our experiences allows them to be completed. So we can let them go and move on. Our experiences, thoughts, and reflections find a new ‘home’ in the journal, and we can let them ‘live’ there. This process frees energy that was feeding them, and we feel that our load has become lighter.

Journaling organizes our mind and brings more clarity into our thoughts and actions. We can write anything in our journal. As we continue with our meditation, we will see that journaling will shift from ‘what happened to me during the day?’ to ‘what was going on within my mind during the day?’. Both the practices will reinforce each other taking our level of awareness higher and higher.

Journaling on its own is a fantastic tool. If it is complemented with a regular meditation practice, it has amazing power. Please remember that the best results come from the integration of effective practices.

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