How college students can utilize the sudden vacation


Paridhi Laddha

Psychology Associate

As we all know, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has taken a whirl and we have to pause. The universe is telling us to slow down and take a deep breath.

Lately, all of us have been so busy running, stressing over little things and overthinking, that we almost forgot to pause and live. Let's make the best of this standstill. Let’s nurture, take care and spend time with your loved ones. Reflect on our life, manifest, enjoy the moment, write down some thoughts, turn our phone off, look at clouds pass by, pet our animals, let go of grudges and stretch. Everything will be okay, till then we can enjoy the lulls of life.

Pausing doesn’t mean the end. In fact, pausing is the way to live through dark times so we can blossom again when the time is right. We can do this by conserving and rejuvenating our energy. Let’s have faith and things will bloom again even better.

Here are some ways of how students can enjoy the time available rather than scorn over it.

1. Develop a morning routine

Drink warm water in the morning, It’s good for health. Clean ourselves thoroughly. Extend gratitude to the Universe or just spend time in peace. Do some chores after that, declutter the house, clean the space so that we can start fresh later.

2. Reconnect with old friends and cousins

We have gotten so consumed in our hectic schedule that we overlook connecting with our old friends. Let’s call them, or meet them digitally. Spend some time at each other's company. Have a meaningful conversation. Do some fun activities together, like cooking together, watching a movie or paint. Let go of any grudges of the past and live the moment.

3. Take up some hobby

Resume the things that we had put on pause due to the hustle-bustle. Make some painting. Listen to some music, play our musical instrument, do boxing, play some board game, whatever delights us. Discover some new books, music, and movies. Read as much as we possibly can. Cook. Join an online book club or go to the library. Try out new cuisine. Do some craft. Learn some new skills, teach ourselves a new language, we can do it from YouTube or there are various applications in Play Store. Learn to ride a bike or car and just have fun.

4. Complete an online course

Many of our classmates, will suddenly seem smarter after the college restarts. How? They’ve probably invested their time smartly. Instead of Netflix/Hotstar, they might have completed a course or two from online portals. Let’s remember that college days are not just for enjoyment but also for acquiring skills and capabilities. We will never get this time again. If we miss out on learning important things, we might get left behind during placements or further studies.

Let’s not waste too much time but rather invest in learning and growing.

5. Reflect on our life

Let’s think about how far we have come in life. Think about what transformations we wish to make in our self and list the things that we are proud of. Make a vision board. Mull over the areas that we want to improve and how.

Reflection is a really useful tool for self-improvement.

We can only make effective changes when we have an awareness of where we currently stand along with a goal of where we want to be. Reflection helps to improve self-awareness and self-regulation.

This can greatly help us to understand and cope with our emotions, strengths, weakness, values, and goals.

6. Exercise

All of us know the benefits of exercising and we don't need to rant about it. But now, we can't complain about not having time! So why not regulate our dopamine and indulge in some healthy pleasure? Let’s laugh with our friends and take care of our mind and body.

We will realize later that this break is more important and useful than we can imagine. Let’s plan things for the future, research about the university we want to go for higher studies or just surf for new investment and business ideas. Spend time in quietness and feel everything around us.

We can turn off our phones and live, learn and laugh as much as we can. And please pals, let's stay safe!

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