Have courage and be kind


Vaibhavi Bafna


This is a special post taking us back to our childhood once again. We all know the classic fairy-tale of Cinderella. Let’s also take some lessons from this well-known story.

The Cinderella Story

A long time ago, there was a beautiful young girl named Cinderella who lived with her cruel stepmother and two stepsisters. Cinderella loved and served them with all her heart, but they lost no opportunity to abuse and humiliate her. One day, all of them got an invite to the Royal Ball in the king’s palace. The stepmother and the two step sisters started to get dressed for the occasion, but didn’t allow Cinderella to accompany them. Cinderella started to cry because she was treated unfairly.

A fairy godmother, feeling sorry for Cinderella, appeared, waved her magic wand and gave Cinderella a beautiful dress and glass slippers. She then made her a carriage (out of a pumpkin!) using her magical powers and sent Cinderella to the ball. The fairy godmother warned Cinderella that the magic would last only till midnight. When Cinderella entered the Royal Ball, nobody could recognize her, not even her step mother and sisters! Everyone was awestruck looking at her, including the Prince. The Prince asked her to the first dance and they danced all night. Cinderella almost forgot that when the clock struck 12, the magical items would fade away. She rushed out of the Ball towards her pumpkin carriage, but one of her glass slippers fell off. She did not look back and just kept on running. Nobody knew who she really was.

The Prince had fallen in love with her. He did know where she was but one of the palace guards found the glass slipper and gave it to him. The next day, the Prince gave out a notice saying that the girl whose feet fit the glass slippers is the one that he is going to marry. The Prince and his servants took the glass slipper and went to all the houses in the kingdom. But the slipper wouldn’t fit anybody’s feet! They finally reached at Cinderella’s house where her stepsisters tried, but it wouldn’t fit them too. The step mother wouldn’t allow Cinderella to try on the slipper. But then the Prince had seen her by then and asked her to come forward.

The slipper fit her perfectly and the prince recognized who she was. Cinderella forgave her stepmother for being cruel to her. And she lived happily ever after.

Here are some lessons we can learn from the story:

1. Always be kind: Be kind to everyone including yourself. Kindness will take you far ahead in life. Cinderella’s kindness allowed her to be selfless towards others. She would put their needs in front of her always. It allowed her to be grateful for things in life and appreciate others.

Also, without the kindness of the fairy, Cinderella would not have found true love.

2. Have courage and take chances: Even when her step mother was rude and cruel to her, Cinderella still went to the Royal Ball and enjoyed every moment there. Even though the time was less, she didn’t complain and took a bold step to dance with the prince.

3. Never stop dreaming: Cinderella always believed that her circumstances would change. She would be in a much better place where she felt love and kindness towards her. She would enjoy her life and live every minute of it.

4. Always believe in yourself: Cinderella always believed in herself which made all her dreams come true. Despite, her step mother and stepsisters treating her poorly, she never failed to smile, was always kind and brave and always took charge of her life. Though this is just a story, it goes on to show that good things come to people who are patient.

‘You must always remember this: Have courage and be kind. You have more kindness in your little finger than most people possess in their whole body. And it has power. More than you know’

– Brittany Candau

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True. Kindness is an underrated quality in today's world 😀 Loved the way a timeless tale was brought back to my memory with some wonderful lessons 🤓