Get , Set , Go


Neha Somani

Organizational & Counselling Psychologist

Life can really bully us at times. But we can beat the blues when we are down in the dumps. We know we’re in a rut and it can be really tough to swim against the tide when monotony stalks us. We run out of ideas, inspiration and the mere zeal to do something with our day. It can get really frustrating when we simply cannot seem to get anything constructive done. If we find ourselves stuck in a rut, this is how we can break free and achieve a breakthrough with a few easy techniques.

1. Feel to deal

“If you are happy and you know…. And you really wanna show…” This is one very popular nursery rhyme we learnt in school and still know it by heart. Only that our parents and teachers taught us to be happy and unknowingly advocated that we stay happy all the time. For most kids and parents expressing negative emotions were a strict no-no.

If we refuse to feel our emotions, we will keep getting caught in the vicious web of sadness and helplessness. If we are feeling low, let’s accept it and allow ourselves to feel the emotions. When we try to suppress them, the emotions will eventually find a way to uncork and may manifest themselves through an anger outburst.

We can allow ourselves to feel low, but for a few minutes only. Then, we can take a journal and jot down our thoughts as well as emotions. They are essentially two different things. We will realize that once we begin writing. We will realize along the way that sometimes it was just an illogical thought that was triggering a certain emotion. That is why writing down makes a difference in the way we see things.

2. Small is big

Does our to-do list make us want to press the panic button? We need not worry. Let’s keep the list away for a few minutes and relax. Let’s picture this awesome looking chocolate cake in front of us. No matter how much we love it, we cannot have it all at one single go. Similarly, when we feel stuck with a task or activity at hand, we can tackle it by starting small. We can tick off the smaller things from our list and then move on to bigger tasks. Even a simple thing like decluttering our workplace can do the trick. It takes our mind off from what is bothering us and the whole process is extremely therapeutic.

A clean workstation will have a psychological effect on our mind and pave the way for a lot more clarity, positivity and give momentum to our work.

3. Move it

Another simple trick to pull ourselves out from the vortex of emotions is getting up. The dictionary calls it getting ‘up’ for a reason. It is proven that a simple act of getting up can instantly make us feel better. Whenever we are feeling unproductive or lethargic, we can get into action. If we have been sitting far too long we can jog at our place or go for a brisk walk or simply stretch. This will boost blood circulation and the supply of oxygen.

While feeling low or stuck may not really be our choice but deciding to stay there is not the only option we have. With these simple tricks at our disposal, we can conquer the tough times and keep shining.

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