FOMO - Dependence on technology - Part 1


Vaibhavi Bafna


Research has shown that the population of 16-24 year old individuals uses technology for at least 7 hours in the whole day. People have started relating their mental well- being to technology. When not near their phones, while doing something else, we cannot concentrate for more than 10 minutes and start feeling fidgety and feel anxious!

What is the first thing that we do when we open our eyes in the morning? Do we check the phone? How often in a day do we feel the phone vibrated, even if it didn’t? It’s very likely that we are really addicted to technology. At what cost? We’ve forgotten all about face to face interactions. Our communication includes chatting, video calling, sending emails. We love sending social messages and think it reduces our social anxiety. We live through the life of our phone batteries!

We can talk out loud about our problems on the internet feely but have fear and anxieties creeping up when we have to talk to someone face-to-face. We know people on the internet, all over the world, but we don’t even bother knowing about the person who sits next to us. We have tons of friends listening to our problems online, but we feel judged when we open up to our closest friends with whom we spent almost an eternity.

We are constantly attached to our phones, constantly feeling inadequate as we see others having fun, achieving great things and travelling to exotic locations. The more we watch this, the more inadequate we feel and the more addicted we become to social media. We forget that we can get true joy only by becoming part of something bigger than ourselves. We try to search for satisfaction through likes, shares and comments, but it doesn’t work for very long.

Technology discourages us from various forms of mental and physical exercises and makes us ‘self- centred’. Technology has taken over our emotional and social lives. There is a craze to run and become part of anything where there is a crowd, no matter how frivolous the reason is.

That’s why we are so dependent on technology, because we think it’s keeping us updated on others’ lifestyle or helping us be part of the ‘cool’ gang. Because we don’t want others to think of us as a ‘loser’, we do things that would make others happy or try to portray ourselves in a way that would lead to maximum appreciation. Even if we do not believe in that thing or don’t particularly enjoy it.

But is this really good for us? What can we do to get rid of this terrible addiction? Read the answer to this in tomorrow’s article!

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Yup a lot FOMO going around, specially with college youth. We're so desperate for approval that we forget to understand your own self 😢
Shrenya Soni
Waiting for the next one ardently!
vaibhavi bafna
You can’t completely get out of FOMO.. but at least you can try to find yourself within that stress of being missed out
Rohit Chopra
Yes, everyone has FOMO to an extent but it should not become the major driving force for our actions 😀
waiting for next part solution...