Eliminating anger


Umang Chhatrola

Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) Teacher

When was the last time we got angry? For many of us it was within the past week itself. Most of us experience anger from time to time. Some people are more prone to it than others but all of us feel it to some degree.

Is it good for us? No, it isn’t. It is not our natural state. Anger can significantly harm our mental and emotional balance and negatively influence our productivity and well-being. It can also manifest in the form of diseases like peptic ulcer and skin problems. Some people who have more ‘fire’ in their mental and physical constitution are more susceptible to anger.

There is a deep subconscious belief among some people that anger is required or necessary to deal with certain situations. That is not true. We can say or do what a particular situation demands without being angry. As a matter of fact, anger considerably reduces the effectiveness of what we say or do. So the elimination of anger starts by clearly recognizing that it doesn’t serve any purpose. Let’s look into it deeply and then we will discuss the remedy.

Why does anger arise? If we watch closely, it is always because of some form of inner resistance to the present moment. We do not like what is and we resist it internally. But what could be more insane than denying and resisting something that already is! By offering resistance, what we are actually doing is resisting the flow of life energy in us. Hence, it does not feel good.

So, to eliminate anger we need the opposite of resistance – acceptance. Acceptance does not mean that we remain passive. We can act and speak forcefully if it is necessary. On the outside there may not appear much difference. The real change is inside. There will not be any inner resistance. We can use whatever word we like for acceptance as long as we understand the inner mechanism of it. Forgiveness, surrender, acceptance are all the same thing. We can also call it ‘letting go’.

Acceptance does not come instantaneously. It takes a lot of dedicated meditation practice. The power to ‘let go’ comes as our awareness grows. It is not an intellectual understanding. It happens naturally with a regular meditation practice. The growth of awareness is also the growth of the ‘witness’ within us. Once we have cultivated high degree of awareness, it will be very easy to stay calm even in the midst of challenging situations. Indeed, it will be the easiest thing to do.

Then also, we may experience anger like any other emotion. But we will not be very attached with it. We will be more in control of ourselves and we will be able to direct our anger the way we want. That is the power of growing awareness. We can systematically transform all emotions including anger and use them to our advantage. Once we can direct our anger, it serves us. Instead of becoming angry on someone or something, we can become angry on anger itself. Then, it is not anger anymore. It is devotion - burning desire for freedom and truth. The entire cosmos is ours for the asking once we have such devotion.

For Zifcare users who do not have any structured meditation practice, we will provide simple and effective techniques in upcoming articles.

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