Do you believe in magic?


Shrenya Soni

Psychology Associate

‘Do you want to see my backyard?’, asked my little cousin as our mothers were chattering about the wedding in the neighbourhood.

I was glad to have the chance to escape!

My little cousin sister came to me like a Golden Opportunity and yes, I utilized it. Her eyes shone brighter than a diamond. She rejoiced as finally, somebody had agreed to visit her backyard! Since I was her first guest I received all the privileges of her best services. She held my hand as her white frock with red and green flowers flowed down her knees. She pulled me and made me run along with her to the backyard.

‘I hope you'll be able to enter the gate’, she commented with concern.

She stopped in front of a broken wall out of which two bricks went missing.

She turned back at me and thought I won't be able to get in but she had no idea that I was the eldest of all the mischievous cousins and was an expert of sorts in this kind of thing.

I grinned and pushed myself inside the broken wall. I jumped in and stepped into a forbidden land.

My eyes sparkled with the amount of bling that the place kept folded within itself.

‘What happened? Isn't my backyard beautiful?’ my sister asked taking pride in her property.

‘Come I'll show you something’, she said, as she held my hand and took me around for a magical tour.

‘Can you see this? These are green pearls. You know what, they can change colours. They change to red after a few days’ she explained, completely flooded with excitement.

‘You see these? They are tiny little drums and they start dancing when they see me’, saying this as she dangled the stem of the plant which made its fruits beat against each other.

Finally, she plucked two green fruits, gave one to me and sat on the log of wood which lay down there. She looked like a tiny fairy in white, eating the Wisdom Fruit in the Forbidden Garden.

While we were busy eating the sweet fruit came in through the wall a lame dog. ‘BOLT! Come here. You know what, Bolt helped me a lot in finding this place. He is very fast in whatever he does’ and she gave the rest of the fruit to him. After staying there for a while we jumped out of the wall and we were back to a non-magical world.

Before running back to her room she told me, ‘It was only me and Bolt before but now it's you too. Hello Magical Family member.’ I gave her my brightest smile and went up to the terrace.

I experienced something today. I experienced magic! And I experienced magic in the most unexpected corner of my house. The fact that my little cousin who saw magic in mere tomatoes, chickpeas and the lame dog named Bolt was phenomenal.

The backyard was another world for her, which was totally hers. She could do anything and be anyone there. It was her land.

What if we adults do the same? What if we strived towards finding magic in puny little things in and around us? Wouldn't the Earth be a better place to live in?

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Rohit Jain
Amazing story Shrenya !!
Yahoi Konyak
Making us believe in magic in an age of Technology, is so important 🌸 Great Read!
Vaibhawi Soni
vaibhavi bafna
I always wait for your articles! ❤️
chaitali suryawanshi
It's all a boomrang I feel. From believing in magic to believing in science, we should now believe in science but not leave magic behind too... Else it's just a crave for nothing
Shrenya Soni
Means a lot Vaibhavi♥️ and I get to learn so much from your articles, thank you for sharing your insight 💫
Lavish Khandelwal
tushar Srivastava
What a magical story 😍