Changing our life through positive affirmations


Paridhi Laddha

Psychology Associate

Having a positive attitude is the key to being happy and leading a successful life. Our thoughts play a huge role in how we feel. Positive thinking leads to becoming a confident person, happy in life, while negativity drives us to low self-esteem and missing out on so much in life.

We so often talk ourselves out of things and demotivate ourselves without even realizing we do so. Every day, hundreds of negative thoughts drift freely through our mind. We doubt ourselves way too much and sow the seeds of doubt.

There is a simple tool that we can use throughout the day to change these negative thoughts and instill a more positive way of thinking: Positive affirmations. Using daily positive affirmations can change our life drastically for the better. They can make us more confident, more aware, more sure of ourselves and change our life in many more aspects for the better.

What are affirmations?

Everything that we repeatedly say to ourselves, in our thoughts or out loud are affirmations. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the part of our brain that makes the words that get repeated over time a part of our identity, whether positive or negative.

Positive affirmations can be used throughout the day anywhere and at any time we need them. An affirmation can be considered a simple technique that is used to change the negative self-talk that we are rarely even conscious of doing, it will help us look at our life with a more positive attitude. Most of us have for many years bombarded ourselves with negative thoughts so changing our thoughts and the way we think won’t happen overnight. But if we stick with affirmations they will work once we have retrained our way of thinking. There are many different affirmation techniques for dealing with different situations in life and the most popular and successful are listed below.

1. The mirror technique

This technique helps us to appreciate ourselves and develop self-awareness and self-esteem. For this, we should stand in front of a mirror, and describe the things we love about our self, for example, we could say ‘I like the way my hair shines’ or ‘I’m really good at my job’. We can start with something very simple.

Slowly, we have to go to the parts that we simply don't like about ourselves and accept them. For example, if you don't like your skin that much, we still should say, I love the colour and tone of my skin. Slowly we will start embracing our true self.

2. The anywhere technique

This technique can be used anywhere and whenever we catch ourselves thinking a negative thought. Once we realize we are having a negative thought, we need to think of ourselves turning down a volume knob inside our head; low enough so as not to hear it any longer.

Then we’ll think of a positive affirmation to replace the negative and turn the volume back up repeating it to ourselves.

We can think of our thoughts as seeds. The seeds we plant will grow to become trees one day. If we keep planting tomato seeds, we won’t get a mango tree, will we? So let’s be very mindful of what we are thinking all the time.

3. The trashcan technique

If we have negative thoughts, we can write them down on a piece of paper, fold the paper up into a ball and throw it into the trashcan. By doing this, we are telling ourselves these thoughts are nothing but rubbish and that’s where they belong.

This is just a symbolic way to remind ourselves that we can choose to let go of negative thought patterns that are harming us.

4. The meditation technique

We can find a quiet place where we’ll not be disturbed. First, we take a few deep breaths and calm ourselves. Then, we slowly repeat an affirmation of choice in our mind. It may be something like: ‘I am happy’, ‘I am successful’ or ‘I love myself’. This can be done for 5-15 minutes. By saying these affirmations, we slowly shift our mindset to a more positive one.

It is important that we do not underestimate our worth, as we are what we think we are. Self-esteem is all about thoughts and what we think of our self. If we think clearly and without fear, then we will be confident, and then this will show on the outside as well. But first, the internal transformation has to happen.

When we realize our worth, life is beautiful. We feel better about ourselves and others. We do our best instead of the bare minimum to survive. All of these are simple affirmations that we can use to gradually change the way we think, which in time will change the way we feel about ourselves and eventually the way we live!

I myself practice affirmation and I have seen a huge difference in my life. I request you to give it a shot, it will just take few seconds/minutes of your time and give you a fortune of happiness and satisfaction in life.

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What do you think about affirmations? Do they work?

I use affirmations and they're really helpful. The problem is continuity. Doing affirmations for one day gives little effect but over a period of a few weeks or months, affirmations work wonders 🤩😇
dinesh goel
I will try too