CEO’s Note - How Walt Disney's life can inspire us


Rohit Chopra

Founder CEO @Zifcare

Namaste to all Zifcare users ! Thanks for taking the time to read this note. Today, we’ll discuss a little bit about the price we must pay to achieve our dreams.

Dreams are beautiful. We dream often of becoming athletes, movie stars or business honchos. And then we move on our daily lives, forgetting what our heart really wants. Do we ever give a thought to what our life can become if we truly pursue our dreams without fear of failure?

Let me share something about the life of one of the most iconic entrepreneurs of modern times, the creator of the beloved Mickey Mouse character. Walt Disney was not born to wealthy parents. For six years during his childhood, his brother and him had to wake up at 4.30 in the morning, deliver the morning newspaper and then go to school. After school, they again had to deliver the evening newspaper! As a result of this exhausting schedule, Walt could not do well in school.

As an adult, he was also laid off from the company he was working in. He did not taste success with his first venture either. In fact, he faced bankruptcy multiple times in his life! By all accounts, his was a story of failures. But he had something that most others did not – a sincere, burning desire to turn his dreams to reality. This trait, combined with his absolute love for what he was doing- animation and cartoons helped him achieve unimaginable success.

Overcoming many failures, he went on to create legendary characters such as Mickey Mouse and Snow White. Even though Walt is no longer alive, his dream lives on and his creations bring a smile to our face even today! Don't we remember the characters he created even now with fondness?

Walt Disney won 22 Academy awards for his work. His life story tells us that we are truly capable of achieving what we aspire for. However, there is a caveat:

We must be willing to pay the price in sweat and tears. We must be willing to sacrifice temporary pleasures. We must be willing to face failure and dejection along the way.

And when we do make it to the other end of the struggles, we can live our dreams.

I truly hope that we all get to live our dreams and wish that the Universe gives us all the strength to face any hurdles we may face on the way.

So don't ever stop working towards your goals. Success will come with time.

You must first pay the price.

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What is your opinion on this note? How can we achieve our dreams?

Rahul Gupta
It's true
Rohit Chopra
With time, patience, hard work and lots of faith in oneself. 😇🌺
Prarthana Aradhye
It's very inspiring. Thankyou sir for this ! ☺