Celebrate every small achievement


Rohit Chopra

Founder CEO @Zifcare

Why is it important to celebrate your achievements?

In the race of life, don’t forget to take a pause and appreciate how far you’ve come. Sometimes you don’t feel like celebrating because your achievement looks very small compared to others. But there’s no need to compare it with others and make yourself feel unhappy!

You should know that every achievement of yours matters. It may be completing that certification course, writing your first blog, getting your first internship or first job. What matters is that you continued your efforts till the goal was reached.

With every achievement, you’ll begin to believe that you have the capability to fulfil your dreams. You’ll feel that anything is possible and that you are unstoppable. You’ll begin to build momentum. Wouldn’t it be great to have that feeling?

Instead of trying to belittle your own achievements, try to motivate yourself by giving yourself a small reward. This will inspire you to aim even higher for the next goal, and you will set off a chain reaction, and grow faster than ever.

3 simple but powerful ways to celebrate achievements

1. Share with a genuine friend: Instead of trying to get 100 likes for your achievement on social media, speak to someone who is genuinely happy to see you succeed. When you share your achievement with such a person, you will feel real warmth and satisfaction. Maybe go for a cup of coffee with this person or persons and take a photo together that day. Then save this photo as your lock screen or get it printed and post it on your table. This will give you a feeling of deep satisfaction rather than social media likes.

2. Write in your diary: Writing down something with pen and paper is a very, very powerful exercise. It affects your subconscious mind deeply. When you write down your achievement in your diary and your feelings about it, your brain will register those emotions. This will constantly remind you to be positive and enthusiastic. Not only that, if you are ever going through a tough time, this will act like a tonic when you open your diary and remind yourself of the good things you did. In that situation, it will give you hope and courage.

3. Thank those people who helped you reach there: If your teacher helped you understand a subject, thank her for her guidance. If your parents paid for your course, thank them for it. If your brother motivated you to search for a good job, thank him. When you thank people around you for their help, big or small, you build a strong positive loop around yourself. It shows others that you are grateful for their help and it gives you the satisfaction of justifying their faith in you.

So, the next time you have an achievement, instead of ignoring it you should celebrate it with grace and gratitude. By doing so, you will create real happiness within yourself.

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Anaya Jain
Hello sir thankyou so much for your wonderful guidence....and yes i have a little suggestion...that i use to do these days as i have no one that kind of friend as u mentioned.....but i guess our family is the one that has survived as well with us....so we ought to show or share our happy moments to them because when u see they are happy too for you it increases ur happiness
Rohit Chopra
Yes Anaya 100% true. Thank you sharing this suggestion. We need to share our small and big achievements with family!! 😇🙏
Anaya Jain
Thankyou so much sir!!!🙏🙂