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Paridhi Laddha

Psychology Associate

These days we spend a significant amount of time on our smartphones. Why not channelize some of this time towards our well-being and personal growth by using self-help apps? Zifcare is a mental health and self-development app, built as a personal companion for our lifelong journey of self-development. It aims to help its users to create constructive changes in their lives.

If we see other apps like calm and headspace, they mostly cater to meditation and mindfulness, which is just one aspect of better mental health. Whereas Zifcare offers features like AI Journal, meditation, self-help blog, focus music, Zifo chatbot, expert therapist section and much more.

Zifcare is truly an ALL-IN-ONE mental health package.

Instead of downloading multiple apps for different features, you can just download the ad-free Zifcare app for free.

Zifcare is a mental health app made in India, and thus it specifically caters to the requirements of Indian people. The self-development articles and meditation sessions are curated by Indian professionals which help the users feel more connected and give a better user experience.

1. AI Journal

This is hands down my favourite feature. Penning down our thoughts in a secure and private diary, allows us to connect to ourselves better and keep a tab on how far we have come. The digital journal can also be accessed easily since we always carry our smartphones with us everywhere.

By tracking the activities we have engaged in, this diary can also help to recognize the potential triggers for our emotional state. When we recognize a mood shift, we can also ask ourselves- what could have possibly caused it?

All you have to do is; choose your feelings and the activity you are doing on a daily basis. Soon you will get an automated report based on the entries, the activities that make you happy and calm, and the things that make you anxious.

When I first started using this feature, I saw my reports and was astounded by how awful my prolonged use of social media made me feel. After that, I paid conscious attention to reduce mindless usage of my phone.

Isn’t that a super cool feature?

2. Self-Help Blog

After a long day at school or work, you might want to treat yourself to some ice cream or a warm bath. That liberates the stress in your body, but what about the mind? Your mind also needs that nurturance and motivation. Zifcare offers a wide range of articles on genres like personality development, inspirational real-life stories, career and growth, mental well-being, and much more.

The best thing about the world-class content isit is relatable, it is not just mere profoundness, but it highlights everyday struggles and vulnerabilities and how to deal with them.

There are inspirational stories not just of famous people, but real people around us, and these stories teach us how to draw inspiration and positivity from others. These stories have brought a major shift in my perspective towards life. Such articles kindle our aspirations and dreams, broaden our knowledge and encourage us to implement the learnings in everyday life.

The self-development feed serves as a source of motivation and wisdom that appeals to our innate curiosity, boosts our morale, and directs us towards personal growth.

3. Mediation

Zifcare offers hundreds of guided meditations that cover things like self-acceptance, unleashing creativity, quick focus, calmness, and many more. The sessions range from 2 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on your requirement.

Meditation teaches us to calm the mind, develop concentration, increase awareness, sidestep our impulses, and avoid distractions. With greater awareness of our thought patterns and emotional habits, we learn how to relate to ourselves and our circumstances in a more objective yet compassionate way. As a result, we are able to better engage in life. Focusing on our breathing and quieting the mind is a true medicine for happiness.

4. Sleep Stories

With the fast-paced lives and continuous technical usage, we have trouble sleeping at night. I would recommend you try Zifcare’s sleep stories. The sleep stories are essentially a way to help you ease your mind at night, allowing you to focus less on what happened during the day. I was originally sceptical of the effectiveness of these stories, but after listening to these stories, I find myself drifting off effortlessly and waking up fresh in the morning.

5. Zifo Chatbot

Chatbot is another amazing feature. This is almost like a friend to me. We can turn to the ZIFO chatbot when we feel uninspired and want to seek energy from the poems and motivational quotes that it has to offer.

It also contains self-assessment on various areas like leadership, self-esteem, social skills, body image, and many other areas. This helps me understand my current level of functioning in a particular area and objectively explore my strengths and weaknesses. It gives me clarity and direction to work on myself.

Lastly, you can learn about mental health using this feature, keeping ourselves aware aids in keeping problems at bay and help us to deal with them better.

It’s truly my personal coach for happiness and motivation.

6. Focus music

It consists of nature and instrumental sounds to help focus better during work and sleep. It’s my favorite feature to use when I am working. It significantly increases our ability to sustain focused attention on a single task for an extended period of time. I also listen to this when I feel overwhelmed and I need to calm down. Listening to these sounds almost makes me feel like I am teleported to a land of tranquillity and peace.

Zifcare web app offers additional features like expert consultancy section, infographics, podcasts, sliders, quizzes, advanced video and audio courses, and much more.

Zifcare offers tools for self-monitoring and development at one’s fingertips. It provides a structure to our self-development journey; monitoring our progress and enhancing our motivation to set goals and take direct action for our personal growth. — purple

It is an easy way to take care of ourselves as per our schedule and needs. It can empower its users to take charge of their own well-being by promoting self-reliance to build a better life. The mere act of downloading the app and visiting it sets a positive change in us. Making Zifcare app a part of your everyday life will serve as a constant reminder to take care of your emotional health.

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