Beliefs and Actions


Umang Chhatrola

Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) Teacher

We have heard from wise people or probably figured out on our own that success in any endeavor requires action. We have seen ordinary people achieve extraordinary results because they had the courage to take massive, determined action. With the right strategy and proper guidance our actions can bring us amazing results. But, what determines our actions? What is it that determines what we do or whether we do anything about our goals at all ? In reality, our beliefs and desires determine what our actions will be. In this article, we will discuss the importance of beliefs.

A mighty elephant does not even try to break free from a tiny rope that it is tied to. Why? There is a subconscious belief that it is not possible. It has been in captivity for most of its life and trained to think that it is meant to live this way. Even a mighty beast like this can be controlled by limiting its thoughts. Beliefs are that powerful.

Indeed, our core beliefs determine what we can achieve in life. Why will the elephant make any effort to break free if it doesn’t even believe it to be possible? People always act and behave in accordance with their beliefs. If we do not believe in our higher potential, why would we even bother with meditation or any other spiritual practice?

There is no need for us to blindly believe or disbelieve anything. But we need to be open and be willing to experiment and see for ourselves. For example, if someone encourages us to taste honey telling us that it is sweet, we wouldn’t turn such an offer down or ask them for proof. How can they prove anything unless we are willing to taste it? What we need is a hypothetical belief in what they say and a willingness to experiment and see for ourselves. Similarly to make progress in life we need a hypothetical belief in our higher potential and in the practices that will unleash it. This is not blind belief of course. We can doubt things and be open to experiences at the same time. With such an open mind, we are ready for the experiment of transformation.

Beliefs can change. It is possible for us to adopt more empowering beliefs. The elephant can implant a new belief that it can break the chains and become free. The impossible usually becomes possible with a change in beliefs.

What causes a change in our beliefs? We will discuss that in the coming articles.

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