Be your own warrior


Neha Dongre

Travel Management Student

Sometimes or rather often, we feel lonely even though we are surrounded by family, friends, pets or loved ones: this loneliness has especially hit youngsters aged 17-24 like me. Why though?

Maybe that’s because what we feel that we are not understood. This may be with respect to our career, our goals, our job, the academic aspects and prospects, our relationships. We fail to express it to our near and dear ones, parents or siblings too. We expect them to understand us thoroughly.

Unfortunately, in this busy life, hardly anyone ever takes a closer look at someone else's issues, except for maybe some kind of an emergency. Each person is busy with her/his own problems.

Yes, it is the need of the hour to always express and express your feelings and disclose your challenges, to release the pain and feel free for a moment at least. At the same time, I don’t think it’s fair to expect the listener to fix your problem. This will lead one to blindly follow an unnatural habit- looking for instant and readymade solutions to issues; which is not realistic.

You need to be the warrior for your own life. You will definitely come out with the best version of you.

Some thoughts for a better life

• Be strong emotionally and immerse yourself in positive thoughts
• Spend some time with nature
• Cuddle with pets or animals
• Take a break from daily routine
• Take some time off and travel alone (when possible)
• Don’t ever stop showing off your smile, to yourself and to the world
• Be patient; let it take some time because good things come to those who wait

All it takes is a little bit of patience, dedication, focus and perseverance. This has been my experience as a 23 year old management student. My message to you is to not lose hope and keep moving forward.

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Rohit Chopra
Everyone is busy with their own problems, we have to figure stuff out on our own. 🔥
Prarthana Aradhye
Amazing and very true
shreya raj
Great article Neha!
Aashkaa Nair
Much needed. We absolutely need positive thoughts right now.