Be prepared for challenges


Rohit Chopra

Founder CEO @Zifcare

Most of us have set our lives in a comfortable routine. We go to office or college and back home. We go out on the weekends and maybe take a vacation once a year. We spend hours and hours on television and social media but have very little time for our self-development. Our lives are comfortable to point where an internet outage for a few minutes can make us panic.

Most of us have not really faced challenges in life. We have tried to follow so-called tried and tested models for living life and have never moved out of our comfort zone to create a life that we are proud of. So what could we do differently?

Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with seeking comfort. Every human being aspires for some level of comfort physically and mentally. At the same time, when we get addicted to comfort we stop our own growth and development. The goal of taking on challenges in life is to discover what we are truly capable of and enrich ourselves with new experiences.There are a few steps we can take to prepare ourselves for challenges:

1. Remember that no one has ever achieved great things by adopting a formula. Those who lived meaningful lives were willing to take risks in pursuit of their goal.

2. We must face challenges instead of avoiding them if they will help us grow. (For instance, if we are want more money we can try applying for a better job or asking for a raise instead of taking a quick loan). Life is not supposed to be comfortable all the time for anyone. Even the greatest and richest people on the planet, since ancient times have had to face trials and adversity. It was sometimes by choice and sometimes due to circumstances. Our lives are no different.

3. By accepting the struggle instead of questioning “Why me?”, we take control of our lives. We begin to think of solutions and possibilities instead of looking for someone to blame. So, if we fail an exam, we can ask ourselves how we can score higher instead of just blaming the teacher.

4. It is in times of adversity that people’s true character is revealed, even to themselves. It is easy to be happy and generous in times of good fortune. However, legends are built through trials by fire. So, let us look at adversity as a learning experience instead of a punishment.

So, let us celebrate and overcome the challenges in our life rather than becoming demotivated and defeated.

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