Avoiding unrealistic expectations from others


Shrenya Soni

Psychology Associate

We are a disturbed generation in our pursuit of peace and happiness. A lot of issues trouble us, both inter and intra personal. There is chaos inside of us and outside us, and the noise is disrupting all our lives.

If we calmly sit down and analyze all the situations where we have been hurt, we can join the dots that leads us to solve the puzzle. We get hurt, because we ‘EXPECT’ from others. It's such a human thing to do, such a human thing to err.

All the solutions to our problems start revealing themselves if we just put an end to our expectations from others. If we come to think of it deeply, half of the world's problems end if we stop expecting and take care of ourselves – our mental health issues, political issues, and even climate change.

Here are some steps we can take to ensure that we don’t fall into the trap of expectations:

1) Putting our foot forward, getting our hands dirty and solving the problem. We shouldn't expect others to solve it for us

2) Taking a vacation alone, instead of waiting for others to show up

3) Follow what we preach to others before blaming others for our problems

4) Love ourselves truly and deeply

5) Give time ourselves to understand and explore our strengths and weaknesses

6) Be our own source of happiness, and avoiding depending on others for our happiness – this is called being 'self-sufficient'

7) Having 'Me Time', an underrated concept of spending time with ourselves and enjoying it

We’re the ones who have to love ourselves before expecting someone else to care for us or love us. So let’s stop expecting others to show up. Let’s show up for ourselves!

Let’ s make ourselves smile, and not let anyone else take away our smile.

Expectations from others is giving the key to your happiness to someone else, isn't that a faulty idea as whole? It doesn't make us a cold person to not have external expectations, it will just make us independent individuals who do not depend on anyone else for their happiness and whose pursuit ends with having found peace within themselves.

In this this big, wide, beautiful world, we must not rely on other people for our happiness. It is unfair to us and unfair to them.

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