Attitude determines direction in life


Krati Somani

Medical Student

In today’s scenario anxiety, depression, fear and overthinking have become a part of everyday life which affect the usual day-to-day routine of most people. Depression can even lead to suicidal tendencies in people.

According to WHO, suicide has become one of the leading causes of death across the globe, with approximately 8,00,000 people committing suicide each year!

Overthinking and anxiety do not sound bad at surface-thinking but when we overthink, our judgements become cloudy and the stress gets elevated. We spend too much time in negative that it becomes difficult to act.

It is definitely challenging to combat these emotional responses and mood fluctuations but we need to remember that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. There is nothing beyond our own mindset and willpower. We become what we constantly visualize. We attract what we believe. We are not what we think we are but what we think - WE ARE!

We can simply alter our lives and fight against adverse situations by changing our attitude. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.

Simple steps to build a great attitude

1. Beginning the change through awareness: Before learning the coping mechanisms, we need to be aware of what’s happening within us. Let’s take a step back and look at the situation and the way we’re responding. This moment of awareness is the seed of change we want to sow.

2. Being optimistic: It’s surely not easy to be optimistic, especially when things are going wrong. But, when we focus on all the negatives, the fear gets even more intense and this goes on. LET’S STOP! What to think, how to respond towards the thoughts rushing in our mind is under our will. Let’ s not think of what can go wrong, but what can go right.

3. Realizing that future is unpredictable: All we have is the NOW. Worrying about future drains our energy and robs our today. Spending our time worrying about the future is simply not productive. Let’s spend the time instead in doing the things that bring us joy.

4. Changing the view of fear: We might be afraid of failure due to disappointments of the past. What we must realize is that if things didn’t work out before doesn’t mean that they will never work out. This time, the outcome might be different. Every opportunity is a new beginning, a place to restart.

5. If we change nothing, nothing changes: In order to get changes in our life we need to put efforts in the right direction. The willingness to experiment with change maybe the most essential ingredient to success in anything we do.

6. Stopping the pursuit of perfection: Being ambitious is good but aiming for perfection is unrealistic, impractical and debilitating. We shouldn’t be too harsh on ourselves to achieve our goals in a very short timeframe.

Waiting for ‘perfection’ is never as smart as making progress.

7. Questioning the thoughts: Instead of letting our thoughts run in a hundred directions, we can have a clearer mindset, which will allow us to manifest the reality we desire. This improves self-talk, clarifies the vision, and gives a proper direction to the actions.

8. Self-affirmations: Affirmations work because they have the ability to program our mind into believing the stated concept. Repeating positive affirmations rewires the brain in the way we want to improve the quality of life.

If we believe in ourselves, anything is possible. All we need to do is keep going in the right direction patiently as good things sometimes take time to happen. Not only the destination, but the journey is also important. Let’s be cheerful and positive on the journey of life!

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Pari Laddha
This is amazing❤❤ More power to you🌸💯
A great motivational article! Loved every minute of reading this. Thanks Krati 😃🙏