Accepting ourselves with our flaws


Vaibhavi Bafna


We have the ability to empathise with the characters on screen even when they have flaws. We still root for their happiness and success; we get happy when they achieve something; we are positive and hopeful towards them doing something good. If we have so much faith in them for doing the right thing always, then why do fail when it comes to ourselves?

The characters we see on the movie screen, they sometimes resemble the people we actually meet in real life. If we can be so thoughtful and kind towards them, then why is it difficult for us to reciprocate that love for ourselves too?

We can see them grow, we can see and pray for the things that they want, but we think so negatively about ourselves?

There are times when we regret our every move and think that maybe we don’t deserve anything, maybe we should always be punished and that we are a failure. We become paralyzed and afraid of taking risks and we start treating ourselves poorly. We believe that things have started to get too difficult and that we are weak. We become negative. It’s because we see the characters on screen as heroes and we see ourselves as being only a shadow. But we can be the hero in our own movie.

Heroes are courageous enough to take a stand for their own self. They create a space for themselves to grow and learn and not compare themselves to anyone. When we start seeing ourselves as a hero of our own life, we will feel satisfied with everyone and everything around us. We would get hopeful and joyful about ourselves. We would start to believe in ourselves and know that there are some good things that we truly deserve.

It takes tiny steps towards believing in oneself and the journey we’ve prepared for ourselves, and not entirely focusing on the destination. The journey of how one reaches is much more important than anything. Whatever we do, it’s for ourselves, and not for people to see or applaud. Nobody would see how much we have struggled but only that we made something out of ourselves. It’s only us who can make sure that the journey is worth it.

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Rohit Chopra
Needed to read this on Monday morning. Thanks Vaibhavi!
Ashwinkumar Pillai
It is difficult to accept oneself because society has so many expectations from us for college, job, 💰. So what to do?
vaibhavi bafna
Build up your expectations and follow them. It’s more important, how much you believe you can do rather than what ‘people’ expect you to do.
Deepak Dabhi
People don't know if they will be able good 😅😅😅😅💖💕