A simple meditation practice for beginners


Umang Chhatrola

Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) Teacher

Newton discovered the law of gravity while relaxing under a tree. Archimedes discovered the law of floatation while relaxing in his bathtub. There are infinite examples which show that a quiet mind has great power. People who cultivate quietness in their mind on a daily basis are in touch with their creative genius. They are more creative, more productive and more balanced than the rest of us. Not only that, they are more in harmony with the flow of life within and around them. Even others can feel their ‘good vibrations'.

But, how do they do it? How do they quieten their mind?

The mind certainly doesn't come with an off switch. Or does it? The simple practice of meditation helps us to calm down our mind. There are many forms of meditation available these days. We will discuss here a very simple and very effective practice that anyone can do to achieve results. Here is the practice.

We sit down in a comfortable manner with our eyes closed. When we do that, thoughts will come into our mind, streams of thoughts. That is okay. We don't try to force them out. In meditation, we utilize the natural ability of our mind to calm down. No struggle against thoughts, feelings or physical sensations is required. After about half a minute, we bring our attention to our breathing, and we keep it there. We may find ourselves back into thoughts after only a few seconds. That is okay too. When that happens, we gently bring our attention back on breathing. We don't try to force the thoughts out or forcefully try to keep our attention on the breath. We remain very gentle with our attention and easily bring it back on breathing when we realize it is off somewhere else. We also do not try to monitor or modify our breath. We just watch our breath and allow it to keep going at whatever pace it is going.

We keep doing this for 5 to 10 minutes and then spend a couple of minutes doing nothing and sitting quietly allowing the process to complete. It is important to rest at the end of meditation.

Where and when do we meditate? We sit in a comfortable manner with minimum distractions. Sitting with legs crossed is optional. The important thing is that the surroundings should be comfortable for us and our back should be straight.

It is good to meditate twice every day. It is also recommended to avoid meditating near the time for meals and sleep. Stable daily meditation practice will bring many benefits to all aspects of our life.

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