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Vincent Vaz


Hey guys, fed up with the present lock-down and un-lock situation? Waiting for everything to become ‘NORMAL’ again? PLEASE DON’T WAIT/EXPECT. All of us know that, that normal was scary, insane and destructive for all forms of life, including us human beings and it was only getting worse by the day. Let us, instead, work, in our own capacities, to create a NEW normal, a new world where:

1. Everyone smiles at everyone: and registers one another’s existence, presence and being with respect, dignity and appreciation. Before this lock- down, I used to go to a garden for my brisk walks and exercise and I used to look straight at everyone I crossed, with a smile.

Over the years, most of them, irrespective of their age, gender or status, have started greeting me back first with a nod, then a smile, then a Good Morning, a Jai Shri Krishna or a Jai Ramji ki and I reciprocate the same clear enough or loud enough for it to be registered and become contagious.

Not only me, many among them, have also started doing the same to one another among themselves. Of course, some need more time to join in than others. We still do not know one another’s names, backgrounds or status and we don’t even feel the need for it as we continue our personal walk, exercise, prayer, thinking or enjoying ME time. It feels nice and it makes my day. It could make everyone feel nice and it could make everyone’s day. Every day.

2. Everyone helps everyone: with small acts of kindness like picking up something that someone has helplessly dropped, opening the gate for a vehicle, rearranging a rack disturbed by a customer in a mall, allowing a pregnant lady to go ahead in a queue, offering change at a cash counter, putting the cycle chain of a primary school student struggling with it, delivering a parcel or carrying something for another in the neighbourhood.

Many, or most, or perhaps ALL of these acts of kindness will demand no more than an insignificant part of our time, money or energy, but will surely make us feel nice within. Most people who have done this have shared this with me. How nice if it multiplies.

3. Everyone takes and keeps only that which is required now: and believes that they will certainly get when they need/require more; be it food, clothing, shelter or money. I have registered, as I talk to people in my Counselling practice, that there are many who live this life-style: many by compulsion and also many by choice. If each one takes what is required NOW, the rest will be available for others who require NOW. One must believe that there is enough (and plenty, even to spare) for everyone’s need or requirement.

4. Every child has a happy childhood: right from the time it is conceived, to the time it stands on its own feet and takes responsibility as a mature adult and starts contributing. In the evenings when I go down, IT FEELS NICE when all the children come running, wish “Good Evening, Uncle”, hold my hands and want me to hop and I do.

They laugh with glee when I make funny facial expressions, do monkey tricks, play hop-scotch or bat-ball with them. I do some of these even on my journeys and my visits to educational institutions, and I know of many others all over the world who do it, bringing joy to children and giving them a happy childhood.

Children don’t need to be ‘taught’ and ‘instructed’ at the youngest of age, they need to be played with and given happy experiences. They will learn from what we are and what we do, more than from what we say and what we ask them to do.

5. Every senior citizen is looked at, looked after and looked up to: with respect, gratitude and longing, respectively. Everyone believes that white hair on the skull or no hair at all, drooping shoulders, bent back and a walking stick are signs of a life well spent, contributing in terms of time, money and energy towards the progress and development of the world, and towards the well-being of humanity.

Everyone, out of sheer gratitude, would be drawn to take care of them for a much shorter period that that which they have given, knowing that they still prefer to be independent so long as they can.

Everyone believes in their wisdom because they have much more EXPERIENCE than the juniors and “Learning” by definition, is a permanent change in behaviour, caused by experience.

So, they now have valuable knowledge and understanding that can be taken forward and built upon, instead of being dumped as ‘outdated’.

6. All those in the field of education: right from the minister, the department secretary, the directors, the principals, teachers and assistants realize that education is not the process of stuffing information and knowledge, but the process of drawing out the potential of the student; that they begin the process by believing that every student, irrespective of age or any other factor, has unlimited potential and therefore a potent source of learning rather than an object of experimentation; that education is a life-long process, 24*7 and that education is not restricted to class-rooms and books.

7. Everyone recognizes that one is part of the environment: around and is totally dependent on it for one’s natural and normal existence, growth, development and maturity; that just as there is unlimited energy within every human being, there exists an energy in everything in the environment that allows human beings to live and thrive in it; that the energy in the earth’s environment is enough to provide for all the processes of all forms of life on earth – flora, fauna and humans and that man must accept, appreciate and allow it to function in a natural and normal manner and that any effort to disturb or manipulate that energy in an unnatural or abnormal manner causes destruction to all forms of life on earth.

8. Every businessman/businesswoman seeks to add valueto his/her self-worth along with the price of goods/services that he/she deals in. He/she believes that the products he/she makes or the services he/she renders are meant to improve the quality of life of human beings and not for the destruction of humanity; that there is plenty of scope and opportunity for this;

that the difference between the buying and selling price is maintained to improve the quality of his/her product/service and not for the accumulation of wealth;

that one can become rich only by making others rich and not by making others poor;

that the generation of wealth is meant to add value to the self and not to the treasury.

9. Everyone realizes: that whenever one interacts with another one or more human beings, there is politics;

that politics is the process of the creation and maintenance of public/social order in order to improve the quality of life of every human being on earth and not of any particular class or category of people only;

that while it is healthy for human beings to group together on the basis of common elements like age, caste, religion, gender, language, food habits, culture and geography, its ultimate purpose is to contribute specifically to the well-being of humanity at large and the building up of a world community.

10. Everyone notices and accepts: the fact that religion (Dharma) is only a means to spirituality (Adhyatmikta);

that one needs to move through religion to spirituality in order to attain everlasting peace (Moksha), the ultimate purpose or destination of one’s life;

that religion is man-made – a necessary and simplified way to experience the magnanimous potential of the SELF, to be deployed in order to respond to the invitation of and longing for the creator i.e. to move from awareness to realization to inspiration and ultimately to fulfilment.

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Rohit Chopra
Loved it. With a simple steps and a change in thinking, we can make this world even more beautiful for all! 😇❤️
Fatma Warsia
Lovely thought....