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Prarthana Aradhye

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Ever since I was a kid, I was very fascinated about learning new languages and always wanted to travel to different parts of the world to try every single dish and click many pictures. Who doesn't?

One day, when I was studying in 10th standard, I got to know that one of the German classes was planning a study tour to Germany. I got way too much excited and told my parents. Fortunately, everything went perfectly and we decided that I was to go to Germany in May 2016.

I immediately started taking German classes as I was always interested in learning new languages. I found German very interesting and somewhere I started loving it to the core of my heart.

It was my first experience to travel without my parents and for the first time I had decided to go out of India with completely unknown people. That’s why I was a little worried but excited too! On 3rd may 2016, our journey had started. It was a 15-day study tour.

Today I will be sharing with all of you the incidents and lessons I have learnt throughout this journey.

1. This is what happens when someone is overexcited

We were 20 students and we had to reach at ma’ams place at 9:00 PM where we clicked pictures and I was super excited. I completely forgot my purse at her place and my passport was in it. I was very careless that time. My parents saw but did not utter a single word. When we sat in a bus, I realised that I am not carrying my small purse.

My eyes were filled with tears and I was blank. I couldn’t recollect where I had put it. After a while, my parents took the purse from ma’am and gave it to me. This made me realise how careless I was.

2. Self-confidence

It was Day 2. Initially, I was an introvert and shy kind of a person. So, I never tried to talk to any stranger. But there our teacher made it compulsory to order our own food and that too in German. I regretted coming there without my parents. That day, somehow I managed to talk to a stranger and that incident improved my confidence and since then, my fear of talking to unknown people vanished. I was tension-free for next 13 days.

3. Punctuality and discipline

As we know, German people are famous for their punctuality. This is one of the very important things I learnt. There were strictly followed fixed timings for every meal of the day.

This made us value our own and their time.

4. Management of money

It was Day 5, and I was already short of money. I bought too many things and didn’t pay attention to how much money I was spending. Since that day, I started to make a note and planned out how and where to use my money wisely.

5. Education lies more in practical things than in books

When we visited their school in Kirchhellen, we got to know about their education system which I really appreciated. I came to know that after their 4th grade they were divided according to their academic ability and their wishes. They focused more on practical knowledge and also believed that no work is below their dignity.

It was a teaching in every household of the younger generation to study at school and work for any position in restaurants , cafes, malls etc. simultaneously. The aim was to make one realize how important it is to become financially independent.

This tour was one of the best experiences of my life. While coming back home, this journey was completely filled with bunch of transformed people and a lot happiness. I can never forget what it taught me. I am very grateful for the experience I got from that tour.

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