8 'Boss Lady' habits you should develop now!


Paridhi Laddha

Psychology Associate

1. Wake up ready

I once heard someone say 'If you're thinking about what you are going to achieve when you wake up- it's already too late'. That's powerful indeed. Write down your to-do list the night before, so that you wake up ready and planned. It helps make your day more productive and efficient.

The act of writing things down is life-changing itself.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

2. Morning routine

One thing that all the successful people have in common is a routine, they have a routine, which they follow consistently. An ideal morning routine should look something like this:

1. Wake up
2. Say your prayers and give gratitude for everything in life
3. Recite affirmation
4. Drink a tall glass of water
5. Read, write or listen to a podcast
6. Exercise
7. Breakfast

These things are very essential to make the rest of your day amazing. It fuels in energy in your body and mind. You can make your own personal morning routine.

'Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.'

3. A boss lady has a life vision and a goal

A vision is when you look into your future, it's how you see yourself, what do you do, the way you impact others, what your dream life is, what you want to be known for. That's your vision, fueled by your goals and purpose.

You should ask yourself, where do I see myself in the next 5 years? And then work each day to move a step closer towards your goal.

'Work the goal, keep the vision'

4. Confidence

A woman should recognize that true confidence comes from within. People should get drawn to her by an invisible charm that she radiates from within. You should not derive your sense of self from external things like relationship, status, and other materialistic things. A high-value woman knows her worth and doesn't seek validation from anyone but herself. A boss lady has a mind of her own and speaks for herself and others when necessary.

Confidence is not 'They will like me'. Confidence is 'I'll be fine, even if they don't.'

5. Expand your vocabulary

A good vocabulary can leave people awestruck. Having a vast vocabulary keeps people captivated in what you are saying. You can inculcate this habit by reading, learning new words daily and practicing.

'Don't underestimate the seductive power of a good vocabulary.'

6. Network

Networking is very important in today's time. Make it a point to network with people at all levels in your workplace and beyond. Don't miss a chance to attend social events, opportunities knock at the most unexpected times. Make socializing a priority.

'Networking is about building relationships.'

7. Self-care routine

Make time throughout the day for yourself, whether it be reading, exercising or whatever hobby you have. All that boss lady energy needs fueling. You should also have a beauty regime, it will make you feel good about and boost your confidence.

'Self-care isn't selfish.'

8. Never settle for less than what you deserve

A boss lady should know her worth and always choose to put herself first. You should know what you want and should be ready be walk away if you get any less than what you deserve. You are willing to compromise for relationships, but not for your standard.

'5 years from now make sure you can say, you chose your life and didn't settle for it.'

Inculcating all these habits will definitely make a you boss-lady, it will help you to transform your life and become a greater, grander and a better version of yourself. It's greater, grander and better because you should always aspire to become better. If at any point you feel you are the best, you stagnate your growth and that's harmful. All these habits will help you become a woman of high value.

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