5 ways to improve sleep


Aditi Jain

Psychology Associate

A lot of us nowadays have trouble falling asleep and then waking up on time in the morning. Here are some things we can try for a more relaxed and healthy sleep:

1. Putting away phone before going to bed

Scientists say that one should put away their phones 2 hours before going to sleep. The light emitted from the phone screen makes our brain feel like it is still not the time to go to sleep.

The light from the mobile or other devices keeps the brain alert, resulting in us lying for hours on the bed, trying to go to sleep.

2. Reading a book

Reading a book for 20-30 minutes helps relax the brain and focus on one task rather than getting distracted from daily stress and worries. According to a study at the University of Sussex, reading reduces as much as 68% stress levels in individuals. The stories help transport us to other worlds leaving behind our worries. Reading helps calm down the muscles in the body, lowering our breathing and heart rate.

3. Doing yoga or meditation

While most people agree that regular yoga practice should be done in the early morning, we can also do it for 10 minutes before going to sleep. Research from across the world has shown that the body will release all its physical and mental tension, making us more relaxed and calm. Once our muscles relax and breathing is deep and slow, sleep will come quickly.

4. Drinking green tea

We can have a cup of green tea at night. Green tea is very healthy for the body as it cleanses the entire digestive system and improves brain functions. However, make sure that the green tea brand chosen has low or zero level of caffeine, otherwise it can actually be an impediment to good sleep.

5. Scenting up the room

Lavender smell has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels in individuals. It provides a very refreshing and soft smell that relaxes the muscles and calms the brain. Lighting up a scented candle or incense sticks will provide the room with a nice warm smell, perfect for relaxation and sleeping well. Even Hippocrates, who is considered by many to be the father of medicine, used aromatherapy in his treatments.

We can try various of these therapies as part of our routine and see which works best for us. Sleep well!

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Umang Chhatrola
Wow ❗ loved this article. I would also like to add one point here. It is good to reduce as much artificial light as we can after dark. It really helps us sleep well.
Tulika Agarwal Jain
Will try a few of these ways to get better sleep , thanks.
Using the steps to fall asleep on time, the "no mobile at night" really works !!!