5 ways to build self-confidence


The world around us is changing. There’s competition at all levels, whether in professional or social life. We are constantly reminded of things we don’t have or goals we haven’t accomplished. In such a situation, it is important to keep our self-confidence, both for our mental wellness as well as to prepare for success.

1. Make a list of achievements

This is simply the most important tool to get started. Unless we appreciate the things we’ve done so far, it’s unlikely we can ever have the courage to do something new. It’s best to take a piece of paper and write down our achievements. We might think they are not significant, but the more we belittle them, the weaker our confidence gets. It’s important to write and note our accomplishments to date. This might be very uncomfortable in the beginning, as most of us are unsatisfied with what we’ve achieved so far. But once we begin to think about things objectively, we would be able to realize that things aren’t as bad as we thought them to be. Then, we can move forward with greater energy.

2. Speak Up

Too many times, we don’t share our opinion or ask a question because we’re worried that we’ll look stupid. This is unfair to ourselves. We lose out on the opportunity to share our insight or gain more knowledge. It’s important to speak up when required, it helps ourselves and others feel involved. Each lost opportunity to speak up puts a small dent in our confidence. So, let’s speak up!

3. Exercise regularly

When we neglect our body, the mind loses its energy. Exercising not only has incredible health benefits such as boosting immunity, increasing energy levels and improving quality of life but also leads to the nervous system releasing endorphins and other hormones which help boost confidence levels. Good health is an integral part of self-confidence. Regular exercise also helps us build good habits such as self-discipline and self-control which are essential building blocks of personality.

4. Set and complete a realistic challenge

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often lose sight of our goals. The cooking class we wanted to take. Or the book reading club we wanted to join. Or the place we wanted to travel to. Putting off these things forever with no actionable plan in place to do them slowly but surely destroys our self-confidence. Once our mind accepts the fact that we can’t achieve the goals that we set for ourselves, it loses its creativity, its energy and its power. By taking up a realistic challenge and completing it, we retrain the mind to achieve goals. With time, as we build up our confidence, we can move to bigger goals.

5. Dump negativity

This is more important than most of us realize. While building up our confidence through positive thoughts and actions, it is essential to keep the mind away from negativity. This negativity might arise from our own mind or from others’ opinion. For instance, we might think a few days after joining a gym: “What’s the point? I’m too old for this.” Or someone might show us a fake Facebook post which says how a person who eats bacon every day and is an alcoholic lived to a ripe old age of a hundred years. This might lead us to question and abandon our own decision to live a healthy life. Avoiding this kind of toxic thinking is essential if we are to build self-confidence.

So let's adopt these 5 principles in our life to acquire self-confidence.

Note: The team at Zifcare consists of psychologists, yoga teachers and life coaches who prepare this content for the benefit of our users. We stick to basic, simple and actionable advice so that all can benefit from the knowledge and best practices from across the globe to promote mental and physical well-being.

Article by: Rohit Chopra

Founder CEO @Zifcare